TYE (TiE Young entrepreneurs) is a TiE Global initiative dedicated to chapters integrating classroom sessions; mentoring and business plan competition aimed at High School students (grades 9-12). TYE is designed to teach high school students entrepreneurship and leadership skills. The TYE program is designed for a 16 week period which includes classroom instruction, mentoring support for business plan development, and culminates with business plan competition.


To offer a global business plan competition along with structured curriculum, geared to educate and groom high school students as entrepreneurs and future leaders. The curriculum includes mentor-based programs, inspirational talks, hands-on classroom instruction and workshops, conducted by established industry stalwarts to foster innovation, leadership skills, creativity, and self-confidence.

Empower youth worldwide to be entrepreneurial and lead in a dynamic global environment through a unique integrated curriculum that can be modeled to meet local economic and social challenges.

Core Objectives of TYE

  • Encourage Entrepreneurial Mindset from early age and provide insight into Entrepreneurship
  • Develop business plan acumen and communication skills
  • Discover the challenges and rewards of entrepreneurship
  • Nurture to be a well-rounded personality with leadership qualities
  • Instill confidence to lead in a global environment
  • Strengthen team building acumen and collaboration amongst participants

Key Modules

  • 16-week program – 8 modules providing insight, followed by 8 weeks of business plan development
  • Monthly meetings including discussions and ‘my story’ sessions
  • Company visits (Technology/Education/Health Care/Media & Entertainment/CleanTech etc)
  • Management teams Business plan competition

Tentative schedule:

Date Event
10/10/19 Kick-off
10/16/19 Opportunity Recognition
10/23/19 Working Session
10/30/19 Product Development
11/6/19 Working Session
11/13/19 Business Model
11/20/19 Business Law
11/27/19 Thanksgiving Weekend
12/4/19 Working Session
12/11/19 Working Session
12/18/19 Sales and Marketing
12/25/19 Christmas
1/1/20 New Year
1/8/20 Finance
1/15/20 Working Session
1/22/20 Working Session
1/29/20 Communications
2/5/20 Working Session
2/12/20 Working Session
2/19/20 Working Session
2/26/20 Working Session
3/4/20 Mock Competition
3/11/20 Working Session
3/18/20 School Exams Week
3/25/20 Working Session
4/1/20 Working Session
4/8/20 Spring Break (4/6 to 4/13)
4/15/20 TyE Carolinas 2020 Competition 
4/22/20 Judging review and feedback
4/29/20 Preparation for Globals
5/6/20 Preparation for Globals
5/13/20 Preparation for Globals
5/20/20 Preparation for Globals
5/27/20 Preparation for Globals
6/3/20 Preparation for Globals
6/10/20 Preparation for Globals
06/21/19 & 06/22/2019 Estimated Dates for Global competition hosted by TiE Boston & Tie Global

If you have any questions, please contact one of the TyE directors:

Sanjay Acharya– sjacharya@gmail.com

Mehul – mehul50@gmail.com

Prapthi Cariappa – prapthicariappa@gmail.com